National Project

Road to Independence

The 2015–2016 National Project is to raise funds for the "First Oval Office" permanent exhibit at the Museum of the American Revolution. Many places claim that George Washington spent the night, but how many people can say that they have saved, made a home for, and promoted education about the room where General George Washington spent the entire Revolutionary War? We are presented with this unique opportunity!

The Museum of the American Revolution is a brand new museum located in the historic heart of Philadelphia, the city that served as the headquarters of America's independence and founding. Located a few blocks from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, this museum will be the home of the First Oval Office, General George Washington’s marquis tent. Within this tent George Washington was visited by Founding Fathers, Great Ladies, Military Leaders, and Important Allies from 1775-1783. This authentic witness to history traveled the ROAD TO INDEPENDENCE.

C.A.R. will promote an educational program surrounding the timeline of the Commander in Chief's traveling headquarters, his personal interactions with historic figures, and the important strategic events involving General Washington. Members across the nation, and of all ages, will be able to take part in activities, the creation of educational materials, learn and promote the history of the American Revolution. Key strategic events surrounding the timeline of the tent include the creation of Washington’s spy ring, negotiations with our Native American Allies, Revolutionary War battles, and so much more.

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State Project

Never Forget the Warrior

The 2015-2016 State President's Project will support the Wounded Warrior Project.

More information coming shortly.

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