Become a Member

Do you have a Revolutionary War Patriot in your family tree? Membership in the C.A.R., and participation in the various society activities, honors the legacy of your patriot ancestor.

Top Ten Reasons to Join the C.A.R.:

#10  Looks good on your college resume.

#9   Gain experience speaking in public.

#8   Meet people from all over the country.

#7   Help others through community service.

#6   Be a voter, chairman, or officer.

#5   Gain valuable leadership experience.

#4   Make lifelong friends.

#3   Show your love of our country.

#2   Become a good citizen.

#1   C.A.R. is FUN!

Join the Stephen Eastin Society

The Stephen Eastin Society welcomes prospective members and their families and friends at our meetings. For more information about membership in the C.A.R., please contact us.