About Us

Our Namesake: Stephen Eastin

Stephen Eastin was born on January 9, 1756, probably in Albemarle County, Virginia. He was the son of Thomas and Sarah Eastin, early colonists of Scottish descent. Stephen married Susannah Johnson in 1773. He and Susannah attended, and were active in, the St. Thomas Episcopal Parish in Orange County, Virginia, which was founded in 1740 and designed by Thomas Jefferson.

Stephen Eastin served in the Revolutionary War as a Private from Orange County, Virginia, and served in Captain Benjamin Smith's Company C.

Stephen and Susannah were the parents of seven surviving children. He received a land grant in Madison County, Kentucky, for his patriotism in the Revolutionary War, and relocated his family to a farm near Richmond, Kentucky. Land records show that many of the Eastin relatives relocated nearby on military land grants.

Stephen Eastin was a planter in Kentucky. His Last Will and Testament, dated 1812, divided his land, monies, and personal belongings among his seven children, and freed all of his slaves 50 years before the Civil War.

Susannah died on May 17, 1798, and Stephen on September 15, 1815 in Madison County, Kentucky.

A Brief History of the Stephen Eastin Society

The Stephen Eastin Society C.A.R. was organized on March 2, 1991, in Santa Maria, California, by Senior Organizing President Darla Stein Alldredge, a direct descendant of Stephen Eastin. There were 10 organizing members, 4 of whom were also direct descendants of Stephen Eastin.